VIDEO: The Best-Of Bracket Racing at Thunder Mountain

From The Tower: The Best-Of Bracket Racing at Thunder Mountain

By Ronnie Kohrt

Bracket racing is alive and well at Bandimere Speedway at the Friday Kinsco E.T. Series and the Saturday U.S. Recognition E.T. Series. 

To showcase this, Bandimere Speedway teamed up with Shift Point Media run by local racers Wayde Samuel and Kyle Tripp to create a montage video of the series that Bandimere Speedway will feature on the home page. 

The local racers are the roots of motorsports and showcasing Colorado drivers and their beautiful machines is something Bandimere Speedway is proud to do. 

Check out the video below with some fun moments racing at Bandimere as we prepare for the 2021 season!

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