Track Ministry


Track Ministry

We want to see the two greatest commandments lived out in the lives of our people and community… to love God and love others.

The ministry at Bandimere Speedway exists on many levels. The Bandimere family is the anchor of all ministry that takes place at the track, both formally and informally. The family sees the facility as a place where God is present and desires that those who come through the gates see God here as well.

There are several chaplains that serve our racing community, Alan Hergert is the lead chaplain. Their desire is the serve the racers spiritually, emotionally and practically. They are at the track every race weekend and are available if there are emergencies at the track. Please feel free to contact them if you need help or advice.

Ministry also takes place at the larger events here a t the speedway. Volunteers from Bandimere Speedway Ministries run the Guest Services tent. These people serve the fans by helping with directions, questions or urgent needs. Look for the tent on the way into the track or for the staff with the red shirts. They are at the track to serve you.

We Believe...........

We believe that there is one true God who has chosen to reveal himself in three ways; Father, Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus loves His Church and desires for His people to be in community; loving one another, holding one another accountable, and sharing life together.

We believe that Jesus is alive and is the source of our salvation.

We believe that salvation and a relationship with God are available to all that choose to follow Him with their lives. 

We believe that God’s Word is the story of His unfathomable love and His desire for connection with us.

We believe that the people of God are unique, important, and entrusted with gifts that are to be developed and used.

We believe that all people should be loved and cared for, regardless of life choices or living conditions: we believe that Jesus Himself clearly demonstrated this.

We believe in whole person salvation, that Jesus came to not only redeem the soul for eternity, but to change our lives now.

Contact Information

Racers for Christ

Duane Junker 

Cell: 303-905-7349