Take it to the Track begins Wednesday

From the Tower: Take it to the Track Wednesday night this Summer

By Ronnie Kohrt

Bandimere Speedway's weekly test-and-tune night begins Wednesday with the Colorado State Patrol "Take it to the track" test night.

The partnership with the Colorado State Patrol was renewed this past offseason and has spanned over 17 years and creates a safe and welcoming environment for those who wish to satisfy the need for speed in a controlled and safe place. Safety and having an outlet to bring your vehicle are some of the roots in which Bandimere Speedway was founded.

That continues this year as test nights Wednesday (pending weather) starting at 4:00pm when gates open, racers line up and purchase a 'tech card' or entry (click here to buy your racer or spectator entry online) and find a spot in Bandimere Speedway's massive pit area. Once ready, racers head for the technical inspection process with the Bandimere staff. The tech building is located on the west side of the staging lanes, which is the downhill marked lanes to the south of the large corporate tower.

Bandimere Speedway's tech process is a simple one. Safety and meeting all the regulations for your vehicles speed is the top priority. Racers who have questions about their vehicle or what they may need can check out the Bandimere Speedway racer handbook for answered questions or call the office at 303-697-6001. The Bandimere tech staff checks over the vehicle and when finished, approves for racing.

Once the vehicle has passed the technical inspection, the lanes open for as many runs as you'd like and racers are welcome to hop in and make passes as you please! The lanes on most evenings remain open until 8:45pm.

The partnership with Bandimere Speedway is a key one for law enforcement to help curb the issues of street racing in Colorado. Many counties have seen an uptick unfortunately in this illegal activity. Bandimere Speedway opening the gates to racers for nearly every Wednesday night until April brings the outlet for those to 'take it to the track' and leave it off the street. 

"We've seen a rise in illegal street racing. That's how people unfortunately get hurt or in some cases it involves death," Sergeant Bonnie L. Collins of the Colorado State Patrol states.

"By partnering with Bandimere Speedway, it really allows us to say, we understand people's need for speed and the excitement. But we want people to do it in a safe environment and not out on the roadways with the rest of the general public. We're into cars and we're into speed, but do it in a safe way and in a safe environment for everybody."

Sergeant Collins also touched on the closer to the community aspect of the Wednesday night 'take it to the track' nights and how interacting with the community is of such importance. In fact, Wednesday night you will find law enforcement joining the racers to run down the quarter-mile at Bandimere Speedway! 

Sergeant Collins also spoke about the value of being able to interact with the community at these events. The Colorado State Patrol will have a tent set-up and interacting with the community on Wednesday nights.

"For us, it's a great way to get out into the community. We can go out and interact with the public. We're out there mingling with the spectators because we love to watch the events just as much as everyone does.

It's a terrific way to be able to get to know our communities and showing that we're there supporting their interests and their need for speed in a safe way. It's being there for the community to create that strong partnership to interact with the communities that we serve on a daily basis. 

Along with the race track, Bandimere Speedway features a full service fuel store for those who wish to purchase pump gas, or higher octane racing fuels, and a full concession stand as dinner-time approaches. 

The race track is a very family friendly enviroment and it's welcomed to bring your family and have a great time! The race track does have limited shading and is subject to outdoor weather on the foothills of the Morrison hogback.

Things to consider packing just in case when you come to the race track are sunscreen, umbrella, a poncho, ear plugs, shoe polish and of course, all your safety equipment and gear when you come racing with your vehicle! 


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