Sunoco Shootout Participants

2021 Sunoco Shootout Participants

The 2021 Sunoco Shootout will be held on Sunday, October 10th. Those racers who have turned in their completed Frequent Fueler cards and pre-purchased Fuel Cards, will be thrown into a hat and pulled at random by our office staff as the 16 participants for the shootout. Racers will get one time trial and then we will begin eliminations. All 16 participants will receive some goodies from Bandimere and our sponsors, and the winner will receive $400!


The racers who have been randomly selected to participate in the 2021 Sunoco Shootout are:

Brock Gagna

Ric Moore

Jerry Strahan

Rick Latimer 

Marty Simpson 

John Novak 

Jason Kennedy 

Michael Otis 

Ryan Stifflear

Steven Horvatin 

Sara Thorpe

Keith Rizner

Jack Brittingham Jr. 

Joey Reardon

Dustin Travis

John Tripp 


Cheryl Muhr 

Courtney Glover 

Ed Holmes 

Dave Ocker 



*Selected racers may contact either Bri or Francine via telephone (303)697-6001 to confirm they will be able to participate.