Recapping the Brakes Plus Jet Car Nationals!

Recapping the Brakes Plus Jet Car Nationals

By Ronnie Kohrt

Independence Day weekend proved to be an unbelievable night of fireworks, fun, fast cars and freedom at Bandimere Speedway.

The Brakes Plus Jet Car Nationals showcased the variety of drag racing from 250mph jet dragsters to nitro-burning machines blazing down the Bandimere Speedway quarter-mile. The MagnaFuel Super Series, Corvette Connection Shootout and JR Race Car Titan 16, along with the Madcap Racing Engines Fast 16, Get Biofuel Quick 16 and Fineline series dazzled crowds at over 200mph+ round-after-round. 

To conclude the event, fireworks lit up the Bandimere night sky coordinated to music, with thanks to fireworks presenters Out of the Box, Menholt Auto Group, Greg and Susie Stevinson and Big Sky Energy. Photos courtesy of official track photographer SRA Photography.

The Brakes Plus Jet Car Nationals also saw the return of the turtle race where Beepee, the Brakes Plus Volkswagen took on Josh Herman (pictured above) in a match race for bragging rights. The yearly race has favored the dragster and this year Herman defended the title, winning on a double-breakout and pushing the Beepee Revenge Tour to next year. 

Jet dragsters invaded Bandimere Speedway at speeds of well over 200mph and light up the sky. The "Boom boom" cars as known to many of the kids in attendance dazzled under the lights on John Sr. Blvd.

Bandimere Speedway also saw a show from Ed "The Outlaw" Jones in his Candyland stage coach. The wheelstander is a fan favorite at Bandimere Speedway and hit the quarter-mile at over 100mph...on two wheels. The rear-wheels. A sight to behold no-doubt. 

Bandimere Speedway was also treated to some nitro-methane as Keith Jackson and Johnny West took the quarter-mile in their nitro-methane burning fuel altered machines. 

MagnaFuel Winner's Circle

Bandimere Speedway was treated to a terrific line-up of final round action in several categories like the Madcap Racing Engines Fast 16 and Get Biofuel Quick 16 where in historic fashion, Bradley Johnson (pictured below) of Rocky Mountain Concrete Specialists won both categories. 

Taking home the trophy in the Fineline category was Marty Simpson who wheeled his OG Home Restoration dragster to the finals and took home the trophy after Bri Bandimere Herman broke-out by only .001 in a very close final round.

The Brakes Plus Jet Car Nationals winners in the MagnaFuel Super Series included Chris Bombard over Alec Bianco in Super Street, Mike St. Clair wheeling his Cobra Jet over Dic Geary in Stock/Super Stock Combo, Kevin Moore over Rodger Sauder in Super Gas, Lane Weber over John Crooks in Super Rod and Wayde Samuel over Monte Pennetta in Super Comp. 

Bandimere Speedway also played host to the JR Race Car Titan 16, a program which allows kids ages 13-17 to compete on a more advanced race 'outlaw' setting. 

In a double break-out, Paige Lemons took home the trophy over Steven Jackson in the JR Race Car Titan 16. In the Corvette Connection Shootout Invitational, Matt DeBello took home the win as the Corvette's battled it out in an 8-person shootout.

Honoring America and those who protect it

Bandimere Speedway also took pause for a moment of silence to honor Officer Gordon Beesley, who tragically lost his life in the line of duty on June 21st. While remembering those who have sacrificed so much for our country, the crowd was also introduced to Logan Montgomery in a special presentation as apart of the Wounded Warrior program.

Fireworks ended the evening in a beautiful display coordinated to patriotic music as the longest fireworks display in Jefferson County, presented by Out of the Box, Menholt Auto Group, Big Sky Energy and Greg and Susie Stevinson.

Bandimere Speedway wishes to thank everyone who came for the event and reminds everyone that the Dodge // SRT Mile-High NHRA Nationals comes to Denver on July 16 through the 18th.

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Fireworks presented by: 


Greg and Susie Stevinson


Cortese Cattle Bonus Winners:
Chris Bombard and Gary Jackson


Branting Industries Bonus Winners:
Rick Beaver, Richard Kohrt and David Hutchens


Cummins Bounty Bonus Winners: 
Mitch Mustard, Eric Nordbye, Jeremy Romero and Lane Weber.


Front Range Driveline Bonus Winner: 
Gary Youngblood


Breckenridge Distillery Bonus Winners: 
Bradley Johnson, Monte Pennetta, Kevin Moore, Valeen Jackson, John Crooks, Lane Weber, Marty Simpson, Mike St. Clair, Dic Geary, Matt DeBello.