Madcap Fast 16 Series
AE Quick 16 2018020802



Five (5) Events in 2019:

May               11, 18
July                4
August           25
September     28

* Top Dragster & Top Sportsman run at NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series June 14-15, and at the Dodge Mile-High NHRA Nationals presented by Pennzoil July 19-21.
* The MagnaFuel Pro Star & Quick Star (based on Top Dragster & Top Sportsman) classes will run at the Drag Illustrated World Series of Pro Mod presented by J&A Services & Collision to Remission benefiting One Cure August 9-10.


Racer             $160
Spectator        varies / event pending


* Racers must become a Bandimere Speedway Registered Racer to compete in these classes.
* Electronics permitted. Cross Talk Tree class. Timed throttle stops prohibited.
* Fast 16 is open to open-wheel & center steer vehicles only. Quick 16 is open to side-steer type vehicles only. Functional doors not required. Wheelbase minimum 90 inches.
* Compete on TruStart handicapped 0.500 full tree, dial-your-own eliminations, breakout rules apply.
* Left/Right run lane and first pairs out assigned in qualifying, and first pairs out in eliminations.
* Quickest 16 qualifiers in the Fast 16 & Quick 16 laddered 1st round.  Ladder format will alternate by event. Sportsman, then Pro. List of ladder format and dates kept in Tech.
* Fineline Series is made up of all non-qualifiers combined from the Fast 16 and Quick 16, maximum 32 vehicles. All class rules carry over, with payouts based on field size.
* All Fast 16 & Quick 16 Racers will automatically be registered for the Fineline Series. All racers will earn points in the class in which they COMPETE at that event.
* Quicker qualified vehicle receives lane choice in all rounds.
* Alternates will be placed into the Fast, Quick, and Fineline programs. Alternates will be placed on the ladder position of the vehicle they are replacing, and receive same round points.  
* Broke vehicles will be left on the ladder, if there is not a full field or alternates available.
* Broke Qualifiers receive appropriate 1st round loser points. Non-Qualifiers receive 10 points.
* All vehicles must be prepared to start at the direction of the designated track official.
* Maximum dial is .10-second beyond the slowest field qualifying time, no quicker than 6.00, and no slower than 8.20 in the Fast, 8.75 in the Quick. Fineline racers follow same dial-in rules in the Fineline Series class, based on respective vehicle/class.
* All vehicles must meet all requirements for the ET they are running, PLUS, all must have braided steel transmission lines w/ AN fittings, and approved lower engine containment device.
* All racers running 7.50 & quicker must have SFI 3.2a/15 fire suit. Required for all racers in NHRA Top Dragster and Top Sportsman (run at LODRS).
* All Quick 16 entries will have a five-pound fire-extinguisher system, PLUS on cars that utilize nitrous or supercharged must have a min 4” diameter opening adjacent to the driver window.
* Helmet extractors required for all racers 7.50 & quicker.
* All vehicles must be clean and painted to participate. Race Master is final judge.
* Trophies to winner and runner-up. Monetary payout sent via mail.