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Partner Spotlight: Sealing the Win with Sealmaster

Partner Spotlight: Sealing the Win with Sealmaster

As seen in the Bandimere Speedway 2021 Fan Guide

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They say a great racer has a fire to compete, the desire to take chances, and an appreciation that their team is critical for the win.

SealMaster Denver knows a winning team includes great partners like Bandimere. “Thunder Mountain” stands as an example of the desire to take chances, serve others, and the support of a great team. The goodness and vision of the Bandimeres is an enduring legacy and a win for hundreds of thousands of fans and the sport for decades to come.

As a kid growing up in Denver, President of Sealmaster Denver, Kirk Darfler, recalls, “We all knew something special was there at the base of the mountains and under those lights. Bandimere was our Super Bowl. The magical place we wanted to be.”

General Manager Ken Godin, grew up racing motorcross and always had a love for speed. Muscle cars became a passion and racing them was in his blood. Bandimere Speedway in the racing community sets the bar for all other tracks, so when we were looking at partnering with them it was a natural fit.

Darfler and his team look for partnerships with great people who tirelessly innovate. From the Compulink timing system, the lighting, tire rotator, to the Track Cooling System, Bandimere sets the bar high. The opportunity to work with Bandimere is a thrill for SealMaster.

Bandimere and SealMaster Denver know that business in the Colorado weather offers a unique set of opportunities. Ever-changing conditions with giant temperature swings and seasons that start, stop, and return to the starting line again create challenges that SealMaster Denver enjoys tackling.

No two days are ever the same. And no two clients need the same products or service to be successful. Every project is unique. SealMaster Denver adjusts and flexes to support clients with innovative solutions, product quality, and impeccable service. Our customers know they can rely on us and our products. We are driven by our desire to serve others well so they can experience success.

Investment in the proper products with quality application protects the products to extend its useful life. Colorado weather presents unique issues to the paved assets at Bandimere and with all our customers because of the products exposure to sun, water, ice, snow, and traffic--sometimes all in the same day. A scheduled program of pavement maintenance including sealcoating and crack filling more than doubles the life of asphalt assets.

Sealcoating provides a rich, black “like new” appearance and provides a barrier against moisture intrusion as well as ultraviolet rays, chemicals, and salt. Crack filling with SealMaster hot rubberized or cold-applied crack filler prevents moisture intrusion into pavement and stops crack growth.

SealMaster is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pavement sealer and sealcoat with over 100 plants and distribution centers on two continents. SealMaster has pavement sealer, sealcoat, and pavement maintenance product and equipment distribution in over 50 countries. The innovative pavement sealer formulations and manufacturing technologies are one of the reasons SealMaster is the world’s number one producer of pavement sealer and sealcoat.

SealMaster Denver offers these world-class products along with knowledgeable, reliable support and service in Colorado.

SealMaster asphalt preservation products have been applied to different areas around the Bandimere complex. For superior asphalt preservation, many factors are taken into account:

● Proper cleaning (hats off to Larry and the crew for helping with that),

● Thorough filing of cracks, and

● Even the assistance of good weather before, during, and after.

We rely on advanced technology to identify ideal times with no rain before (and especially after) and sunny moderate temperatures on the day of application with a warm summer night for proper curing. The intense sun of living in the Mile High City is particularly hard on asphalt, but our sealing helps to protect and preserve the underlying asphalt investment. A properly prepared and applied sealcoat job also helps moisture to wick off quickly, allowing the racers to get back and make another run.

And whether a day race or under the lights, we have tremendous pride seeing our products help to keep racers, crew members, and guests happy and safe. For years the entire SealMaster Denver team has appreciated, participated in, and admired the commitment that track operators, crew teams, and racers have for the sport. The relationships, bonds, and friendly competition is what draws us to the sport of racing.

The SealMaster Denver team is committed to provide our partners with the resources, knowledge and products to enhance and compliment the services they provide their customers. Upgraded and improved manufacturing, drop tanks, application trucks, and on-time delivery coupled with state of the art transportation and distribution equipment, including a portable loading dock, ensures our partners confidence in consistency, durability and quality with environmentally-conscious asphalt preservation products. We invest annually in additional rental equipment to support our contractors as well, such as CrackPro Crack Sealing and CrackPro Mastic application equipment.

The opportunity to partner with our industrious customers means we both cross the top end and finish line together.


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