Jay and Laura Hicks named 2022 Clint Parker Superman of the Year Award Recipient

Jay and Laura Hicks named 2022 Clint Parker Superman of the Year Award Recipient


The Clint Parker Superman award winner does not have to be a racer or have accomplished any racing achievements at all.  This person could be a crew member, sponsor, staff member or fan. 

The person honored demonstrates the characteristics of Clint Parker, who in our eyes was our own Superman – the term he would use to describe a person he respected and wanted to model his life after, whether it was on the race track or off it. 

Clint was always ready to lend a helping hand, stay until the job was done, always brought out the best in everyone, had a passion for drag racing, integrity, was generous, had a wonderful sense of humor and maybe most important, a positive attitude.

That positive attitude really stood out to this year’s winners of the Clint A. Parker Superman Award winners Laura and Jay Hicks. Two individuals that always greet other racers and fans with smiling faces and positive vibes, no matter the day, time or round. Laura and Jay are known for racing in multiple categories with their early model Comet and their positivity and vibrance towards racing and life in general was noted as they were awarded as the recipient of the 2022 Superman Award.

Previous Winners:
2005 Lee Stark
2006 Ken Webb
2007 Dan Schwartzkopf
2008 Shirley Magee
2009 Gary Jackson
2010 Tom Candlin and Peter Vellman
2011 Wayde Samuel
2012 Bill Chaplin
2013 John & Cheryl Muhr
2014 Robbie Ward
2015 Pepper McClenahan
2016 Kerry Willuweit, Mike Miller, Ricky Shepard, Troy Grant, Tim Walker, Kris Whitfield
2017 Dennis Spencer
2018 Ron Roti
2019 Ron Goscha
2020 Bruce Kamada and the Racing Community
2021 Vic Stehle
2022 Laura and Jay Hicks






John Bandimere Jr. presents the Clint Parker Superman Award alongside Debbie Parker at the Bandimere Speedway celebration of champions.

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