Mayhem on the Mountain brings the chaos Saturday night

Weekend Preview: J&A Service Mayhem on the Mountain

By Ronnie Kohrt

If you really break it down, drag racing down to it's roots demand two things from drivers.

1. Making A LOT of horsepower

2. Putting that horsepower to the ground. 

At the J&A Service Mayhem on the Mountain presented by NAPA Auto Parts and Collision Brewery, that's the test presented to drivers as they set their sights on big cash prizes and the prestige of conquering Mayhem on the Mountain.

Featured this year at Bandimere Speedway's new event is the MagnaFuel Pro Star and Quick Star 16. Racers in each category will race for a cash prize of $10,000 to win. Drivers must be the fastest 16 to qualify, meaning it's time to turn up the boost, dump the nitrous and spin the motor as hard as possible for a shot at the big check. 

Drivers who do not make the field in the Pro Star and Quick Star 16, however, will have a second shot at some impressive coin. The Menholt Auto Group Shootout will award $5,000 and include all drivers who do not make the field in the Quick and Pro Star 16. Call it a redemption chance for a shot at the cash. 

Of course, Bandimere Speedway will play host to jets on Saturday night. Invited to the event is Steve Cooke with the "Grumpy Gorilla" making it's Bandimere Speedway debut and Mark Stevens with "Earth Flight."


Gates will open at noon on Saturday with racing leading up to 6pm and showtime. Buy tickets in advance by clicking the link above.

Bandimere Speedway's premiere street cars will take to the race track in the Sunoco King Street. Street legal cars running as fast as 7.50 with license plates, registration, etc will compete in the category and you can also catch the JR Race Car 7.90 index category as the junior dragsters hit the race track.

Bringing the mayhem on Saturday will be the PSCA category. In a heads-up setting, the goal is simple. Get to the finish line first before the other person and do everything you can to make that happen.

Limiting the tire size ads another wrinkle into the mix. Big horsepower with limited tire to put it to the ground means a fun ride down the race track when they hook up! Featured will be grudge runs, small tire and big-tire no time categories, as well as imports running for the prestige of beating the Mayhem on the Mountain. 





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