Living it Loud


$14.99 per copy (paperback)
$10.99 per copy (orders of 20 or more)

"Living it Loud"

by Chad Bonham

After 6 decades of operating a racetrack in the beautiful Colorado foothills, one can only imagine the stories that need to be told. That is why this book was written, to capture some of the history of the Bandimere Family. Living It Loud is about faith, family and the pursuit of speed. But it is even bigger than that. It is about a man who had a vision for impacting the lives of young people through car performance and racing and how his children and grandchildren have carried his dream to greater heights than he could have ever imagined. This inspirational history lesson will challenge you to revisit biblically sound characteristics such as passion, boldness, trust, integrity, kindness, focus, determination, forgiveness, courage, endurance, loyalty, patience and selflessness. But most importantly, it will serve as a reminder that, just like the Bandimere family, there is a divine purpose for your life as well.

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