Youth Racing Program


NHRA Jr Street Youth Racing Program


NHRA recently introduced their new youth racing program for 13-16 year olds that will give teenage boys and girls the opportunity to race against their peers in full-bodied street vehicles with an adult co-driver as their teammate that combines racing and car safety.

This is an inexpensive program to help meet the demand for teenagers wanting to drive fast but, best of all, it’s a way for families to use drag racing as a learning tool and a conduit for family bonding.

Competitors in the NHRA Jr. Street program will go through an orientation/licensing procedure on an eighth-mile dragstrip in their vehicles, which must meet program requirements. Approved vehicle must be registered, insured, street-legal vehicles with mufflers and street tires and limited to 9 seconds and slower in the 1/8 mile.

In 2023, the Corridor Collision Jr. Street will be a points race class at all Kinsco Friday night E.T. Series events, as well as at the Memorial Day Pepsi High School Drags. End of season Champion through 6th place will be awarded our Annual Awards Dinner in November. Jr Street racers are also welcome to make runs during Wednesday night CSP "Take it to the Track" Test Nights.