Headlines Heading Into 2022

Headlines Heading into 2022

Bandimere Speedway has an exciting season ahead with several new bonus programs, partners, racing events and more. One of the major changes to the new year includes a new name for Bandimere Speedway's biggest race.

  • Dodge Power Brokers Mile-High NHRA Nationals

A new name and new logo for Bandimere Speedway's biggest event of the year. Pro Stock returns to Thunder Mountain and the event will feature two sessions of pros on Friday, two sessions of pros on Saturday with final eliminations on Sunday as racers run for the Wally.

  • Rockstar Energy Drink partners for the Street Chaos Rockstar Roll Racing and MPH sticker club

Bandimere Speedway's MPH sticker club is presented by Rockstar Energy drink and any participant can head to the Novus Glass tech building for free stickers by turning in their time slip at levels over 100mph, 110mph, 120mph, 130mph, 140mph, 150mph, 175mph and 200mph.

  • Mike's Camera Photography workshop

Bandimere Speedway has partnered with Mike's Camera to present a brand-new photo workshop during Bandimere Speedway events. Participants will have the opportunity to shoot photography trackside while engaging in a three-part workshop and learn to capture angles of racing at Bandimere Speedway!

  • New Bonus Programs for 2022

Promise Appliance Repair Trip-Zip Bonus

Promise Appliance Repair presents the Trip-Zip bonus where at all MagnaFuel Super Series races this year, Promise Appliance Repair will pay a $110 bonus program for the first driver in Super Street, Super Gas and Super Comp to cut a perfect light in eliminations.

Corvette Connection Club Clash Tech Card Draw

Corvette Connection presents the new for 2022 "Tech Card Draw" where at all Corvette Connection Club Clash events, all first-round runner-up participants will have their name put into a pool for $50 in prize money put forward by Corvette Connection.

1320 Homes Reaction-Time Challenge

A new reaction-time challenge is presented by 1320 Homes during all Corvette Connection Club Clash events. Any driver who cuts a .013, .020 or .132 light that race day will be entered into a pool to win $132 courtesy of 1320 Homes. Random pick and will decide the winner.

Hagerty Door Car Vs Dragster Bonus presented by Premiere Diversified Insurance

In the US Recognition Saturday E.T. Series of Super Pro, in the event where there is a Dragster Vs a Door Car final round in the category of Super Pro, Hagerty presented by Premiere Diversified Insurance will award a $100 bonus to the winner of that round. Roadsters are counted as door cars and the bonus will be in effect for all Saturday ET Series in the category of Super Pro.

  • Tony Stewart's debut in Denver

Team TSR will put two nitro-methane powered machines into Denver for Tony Stewart's debut in Denver. Flying the Dodge Power Brokers colors, Stewart has already collected a win on the NHRA circuit and will certainly draw a buzz to kick off the Western Swing.

  • PFI Speed presents the PFI Speed Tuner Mayhem

PFI Speed is now the title partner to present the PFI Speed Tuner Mayhem event! May 29th in pair with the PSCA program and Motorcycle Challenge, this day of tuners will kick-off in the morning and feature several styles, brands and makes of tuner vehicles.