From the Tower: The Challenge Car Experience

From the Tower: The Challenge Car Experience

By Ronnie Kohrt

If you’ve never gone down the 1320’ at Bandimere Speedway before. It’s a rush that is hard to describe. It’s seconds of raw, pure excitement that feels like a minute long and then at the end, all releases, swinging a new rush of enthusiasm into your soul only fueling your craving for more. 

Now think of being able to do this with your friends and family. Like a field trip to the race track as if you were back in grade school visiting the zoo or museum. You get to have the fun.

The Bandimere Speedway challenge race program allows anybody and any organization to schedule a day to bring the staff out to the race track. It’s an excellent way to boost moral, bring people together and experience what it’s like to go 0-60 in one of our Christopher’s Dodge Ram Dodge Challengers. 

The day starts with some instruction. Challenge race extraordinaire Ray guides you through the basics of drag racing, what you’ll experience and why it’s the coolest thing you'll do in 2021. 

“The Challenge races are always very well organized and a thrill to compete at,” Lisa Bunker of Red Rocks Country Club says.

“The directions given are thorough, and I have always felt prepared for the race with all of the knowledge needed to have a fun and exciting time. The ability to have two practice runs before the “challenge” starts helps shake off some of the nervousness and adds to the overall experience. My adrenaline always spikes when I get behind the wheel, and the rush of exhilaration during the race is like nothing else. When we have been able to do lunch afterwards, it has always been satisfying and a good time to rehash all of the races. The Challenge race is always a wonderful outing for our staff!”

From a full video to hanging out in our suites, challenge race participants get the full experience of what it’s like to be a VIP at the track. Snacks and drink are served and views from inside our suites overlooking Thunder Mountain are simply spectacular. 

The stress of daily work and our lives in general has risen during this time, so to have an outlet at Bandimere Speedway like the challenge races has often been a terrific stress-reliever. 

“There is always excitement and friendly banter in the upcoming weeks before our Challenge Races. It’s so fun to see everyone let loose and leave the stress of our daily routines at the “door” of the track,” Stefanie Rowe of Martin Marietta added.

“I truly believe it’s a unique experience for everyone who participates. The staff always goes above and beyond to make the day enjoyable!”

Book a ride down the race track yourself with Bandimere Speedway’s Challenge Race or “Wide Open” program BY CLICKING HERE and plan a trip out with friends, coworkers or even a special occasion like a birthday party or corporate retreat by contacting the Bandimere Speedway office at 303-697-6001 or email the Bandimere staff by CLICKING HERE.


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