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From the Tower: Dodge // SRT extend multi-year partnership with Mile-High Nationals

From the Tower: Dodge // SRT extend multi-year partnership with Mile-High Nationals

By Ronnie Kohrt

The biggest motorsports event in the state swarms Bandimere Speedway as the 41st running of the Dodge // SRT Mile-High NHRA Nationals, presented by Pennzoil hits high-gear in July with some exciting news to kick off the racing season.

The NHRA tour will return to Bandimere Speedway along with news. Dodge // SRT has agreed to another multi-year extension for title partnership of the Mile-High Nationals at Bandimere Speedway. 

This means the longest running partnership of partner-to-venue in motorsports continues with such strength as it started 30+ years ago. The partnership with Dodge makes 2021 the 32nd year it’s been presented by Dodge // SRT and that's the longest standing partnership between an event and partner in all of motorsports. The Mile-High Nationals will return to Bandimere for years to come! 

The return of several star-studded teams pumps excitement into the NHRA schedule and the beginning of the Western Swing at Bandimere Speedway always leads to intense racing as teams look to make a strong start out of their trip west on the professional tour.

What’s New?

  • Pro Mods

Now blazing down Bandimere Speedway as apart of the Dodge // SRT Mile-High NHRA Nationals, pro mods invade Thunder Mountain.

Pro modified is a pot of flavor that will appeal to all. The class features different power set-ups from race teams mixed with a variety of cars bodies and styles. Throw in talented and hungry drivers pursuing the very first wally to be won in the category at the Mile-High Nationals and bam! You got yourself a delicious racing experience that shows off the versatility and intense competition that comes with Pro Mods.

The thin air of Thunder Mountain always presents an interesting challenge for many race teams and set ups that come to Bandimere. Tune-up's will be put the true test while sporting some of the coolest door-cars to date to run for the famed Wally.

  • Factory Stock Showdown

The automotive industry has seen an exciting boom in the new age muscle car. It’s like the 1960’s all over again!

You can purchase a new Dodge Challenger right off the lot that runs a stout number at Bandimere Speedway and still drive it on the street. Now inject even more speed and some of the most talented drivers in the game and you get the Factory Stock Showdown. 

Drag Pack Challengers battle it out against the competition like it’s vintage pro stock in some of the most incredible racing you will see, in vehicles that you’ll recognize and see right in your driveway.

Tune-up's, technology and speed have come a long way and it’s progress is showcased at it’s finest at Bandimere Speedway during the Dodge // SRT Mile-High NHRA Nationals presented by Pennzoil.


From John Force to Leah Pruett, the nitro-methane experience is back at Bandimere and if you’ve never had your first experience with nitro-methane burning your eyes or shaking your insides. Boy, do we have an experience for you.

Top Fuel, Funny Car and maybe a jet car or two will take the concrete race surface of Bandimere Speedway and go 0-300 in three seconds. A true ignition of all your senses. Oh, and make sure to grab some ear plugs from our competitive threads gift shop. You’ll want those.

  • Every Ticket Is A Pit Pass

One of the most unique things about drag racing is your access as a fan to the pits.

Every ticket is a pit pass. Like a VIP access to the locker rooms after a professional game is over to talk to the athletes, everyone is welcome to mingle in the pit area and talk to drivers before and after the event. Spectators get to stand inches away as crew members swap motors, change clutches and work on the vehicles.

Drivers will host autograph sessions and it'll be your chance to collect hero cards and of course, check out the fun events and vendors happening in the pit area.

  • The VIP Experience

Top Eliminator Club

If you want to take your experience at Bandimere Speedway to the next level during the famed event, the VIP experience of the Top-Eliminator Club or the Finish Line Club is for you. 

Get away from the hot sun in the air conditioned tent of the “TEC” as we like to call it. The big top tent that overlooks Bandimere Speedway is arguably the best view in the house. Watch as nitro-burning dragsters and funny cars run the legendary Bandimere Speedway race track at speeds of 300mph+.

Or escape to the Finish Line Club, where cooled-air, cold drinks, seating and a terrific view just past the bleachers with easy access to the pits has you mixed in the middle of the action of everything that the Dodge Mile High NHRA Nationals has to offer. 

Race over to Bandimere Speedway for the Dodge // SRT Mile-High NHRA Nationals presented by Pennzoil July 16th through 18th. Professional qualifying is on Friday and Saturday under the lights with eliminations on Sunday! Sportsman racing all weekend and family fun for all! 

For more information and tickets for the Top Eliminator Club, Finish Line Club or reserved east or west side tickets, CLICK HERE or call the Bandimere Speedway ticketing team at 303-697-6001

See Leah Pruett, John Force and the rest of the NHRA tour at the Dodge // SRT Mile-High NHRA Nationals in July at Bandimere Speedway! 


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