From the Mic: It’s never been a better time to go racing

It's never been a better time to go racing!

By Ronnie Kohrt

As seen in the Bandimere Speedway Fan Guide

Our sport continues to fascinate me as it evolves with the times and the ever-changing automobile industry—from the days of front-engine dragsters to technology advancements, import introductions, and everything in between. Today, there has never been a more exciting time to be drag racing at Bandimere Speedway.

We’ve never had the opportunities to go down the race track like we do today. Vehicles sold by manufacturers eclipsing incredible turnkey speeds and trading efficiency for horsepower…it’s really introduced a new breed of racers.

It’s almost like we’re reliving the late-sixties when muscle cars roamed the streets. This has given the general fan the opportunity to transform their daily driver into a streak on the racetrack, and I remain so excited to see it.

We’ve never had the number of styles of racing than we do now. Bandimere Speedway hosts an incredibly diverse 28+ racing series to go along with seven months of Wednesday-night test-n-tune fun. And thanks to the Colorado State Patrol, those racers can run down the dragstrip.

Just about every week there’s a style of racing for drivers. Whether it’s roll racing, test-and-tune, competitive bracket racing, or heads-up, there’s a style here for everyone.

We’ve never had the variety of drag racing categories at our fingertips to enjoy. Never in history have we had the chance to go racing in a regular bracket category, while also turn around and run index classes, then roll racing, and end the night with heads-up. With endless possibilities, the flavors of racing to pick from will do laps around your favorite ice cream shop.

Much like when I was a kid at that very ice cream shop, I pick all the flavors because I love them all.

We’ve always had the experiences at the tracks, and they continue to be great ones. We also look forward to the new ones—and they don’t have to be just about drag racing, either. It could be the swap meets, car shows and meets, or simply coming out on a Wednesday night for some fun at the track as a pit crew member or fan. The experience is what keeps me coming back, and that has everything to do with the people. It’s the fans, the racers, the staff, and everything that makes Bandimere Speedway what it is. That experience is so precious, and it’s rare to find a good one. When you do, you hold onto it.

Bandimere Speedway has, in a way, transcended itself. It’s not just a dragstrip anymore. It’s home for thousands to take their automobile to and play. It’s home for those folks and it gives them an opportunity to grasp a style of racing and to enjoy the variety and experience that only the drag strip provides.

It’s a special combination, and another off-season ending means the crowd will go wild once more! I sure hope you join us in making new experiences in 2022!