65th Anniversary Kick-Off

presented by MagnaFuel, SO-CO Water Damage, Corridor Collision, Cornerstone Auto Glass, Ryno & DC Racing Engines

Monday September 4


  • Gates Open 8:00 am
  • No Time Trials
  • Eliminations 9:00 am


  • Spectator/Crew $20
  • Children (12 & Under) FREE

Racer admissions

  • Participant $65
  • First Round Buy Backs $40

  • Run Order: No-Box, Box
  • Two classes, Box (with electronics) and No-Box (no electronics)
  • UNO Cards pairing
  • Classes will never combine
  • $40 first round buy-back
  • Two entries allowed max. Entries can be one Box and one No-Box, or two entries in one category.

MagnaFuel “6 or 5” Run-Off

All buyback round runner-ups will be put into a drawing for an 8-car “6 or 5 Run-Off”. All vehicles in Run-Off must have a 6 or a 5 somewhere in their dial-in. Crosstalk, $650 to the winner.


Kick off our 65th Anniversary with competitive bracket racing and big payouts!


Everyone is encouraged to wear their oldest Bandimere Speedway t-shirt they own. Oldest submission wins a 65th Anniversary prize pack.


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