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Partner Spotlight: AFG Fireball

Partner Spotlight: Fighting Fire with a Fireball

By Ronnie Kohrt

One of the biggest dangers we experience in life is fire and suppressing it not only in our homes, trailers and race cars is always a top-priority. Helping in this fight against fire is the AFG Fireball®

The Fireball® is an automatic fire suppression apparatus invented by Grant Van Der Jagt, a former firefighter and made by Auto Fire Guard, LLC here in Colorado. It comes in various sizes and decorative designs. Best of all, it activates only on contact with fire.

Heat and impact will not activate it. It is surrounded by flame sensors and 0-10 seconds after touching a fire, it bursts open and spreads the high purity and non-toxic, fire extinguishing dry chemical (Mono Ammonium Phosphate) into the atmosphere in 360°.

The chemical then stops the chemical reaction of all types of fire by safely removing carbon from the air, absorbing up to 2,200° F of temperature. It is ideal for A,B & C type fires and it is safe to use on electrical fires too. Auto Fire Guard® is the licensed American manufacturer of these fire suppression devices.

It is the owner of several patents and trademarks for automatic defenses for fire, including the Fireball® and Firestick®, which were created by Van Der Jagt simply put, "because people needed it."

“I felt compelled to creating it,” Van Der Jagt stated. “I did structural firefighting and during my time, I was on a fire call about every three days. I’d go into buildings that burned to the ground and nearly every time I went into a building, there were fire extinguishers that were hanging from the wall, unused and untouched.” Van Der Jagt wanted to do something that could make a difference when people were defenseless in critical moments.“

I wanted something to be there for when you couldn’t, or if it wasn’t possible or smart to get to a fire extinguisher.” For racers, he says, "it is particularly helpful to put under the hood, in your RV and trailer." Each Fireball® can be registered for a 10-year warranty and has a 15-year shelf-life. No maintenance is required

Fireball's are sold at the Bandimere Speedway Fuel Store and you can find more info on the Fireball by visiting the AFG Website. 


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