2019 Sunoco Shooutout

by Bri Bandimere Herman | Sep 30, 2019
All completed Fuel Cards and Frequent Fueler Cards were thrown into a hat and selected at random by different members of our tech inspection staff. The race will take place Saturday Oct. 5th during the Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que Fall Racing Series.

Participants may contact the main office to confirm they are able to race, 303-697-6001, otherwise Bri Bandimere Herman will reach out to you via telephone. 

2019 Sunoco Shootout Participants
Dustin Travis
Troy Grant
Jack Cussins
Michael Otis
Keith Camblin
Colin Verkler
Chris Mang
Rick Latimer
Raymond Davis
Karl Oser
Jakob Beakley
Cheryl Muhr
Jeff Raetz
John Muhr
Kayla Mang
Jeff Petersen

Keith Rizner
John Davidson
Jeff Crezee
Tom Mockenhaupt