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Fuel Card Program Returns

The popular Fuel Card program, allowing racers to buy race fuels at bulk discounted rates, returns as an option for racers at Bandimere Speedway in 2014.

Racers are able to buy their fuels for the season at a discounted drum rate by purchasing a Fuel Card. Racers buy at todays fuel prices, less the bulk discount. Bandimere Speedway stores the fuel, and racers pick up their pre-paid fuel in five gallon increments.

Besides saving money and adding convenience, racers are assured all of the fuels are used rapidly and replenished weekly; therefore it is "fresh" fuel every time it is pumped.

Additionally, racers do not have concerns with storage of drums (illegal in some areas), or transportation of bulk fuels (restrictions on volume and containment).

Purchasers of the Bandimere Speedway Fuel Card are all automatically entered into the random drawing for the Sunoco Shootout race each Fall, as well as those who complete all of the punches on the "Sunoco Frequent Fueler Cards". This special race event is a "Thank you" from Sunoco for the loyalty from the racers.

Fuel Cards will be available beginning on Monday, February 17th. Prices for the cards area below, and based on 2013 Fuel Costs. If the price of race fuel goes up, you can be assured you already have bought 55 gallons at last year's price.

If racers do not use the entire fuel card by November 30, 2014, they will be issued a gift certificate for the remaining amount.

2014 Fuel Cards (55 Gallons each)

Sunoco Standard Purple 110 $486.75

Sunoco Supreme Blue 112 $508.75

Sunoco Maximal Red 116 $605.00

Sunoco GT Unleaded 100 $500.50

Sunoco GT Plus Unleaded 104 $508.75

Bandimere 98 Leaded 98 $423.50

Alcohol Methanol n/a $189.75