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Day Tests

When the 2013 racing season is over at Bandimere Speedway... it is not quite over.  Following the conclusion of the Grand Prix Motorsports Fall Racing Series on Sunday, October 13th, Bandimere Speedway will plan on hosting two more Day Test events.

These Day Tests will be held on Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 20th.  Gates open at 8:00 am, with the first run at 9:30 am.  Events will conclude at 5:00 pm.

Day Test Events will happen on these dates IF the forecast high for each day is 50 degrees or warmer, based on this link, as viewed at 3pm the day prior:,+CO  IF the forecast is high for each day is 49 degrees or lower at 3 pm the day prior, that next days event will be cancelled.  We will post cancellations on

Racers are $35 each, with $12 Spectator/Crew Passes. 

Both dates are contingent upon weather 1) Forecast must be for 50 degrees or warmer for the day. 2) A reschedule of the Grand Prix Motorsports "Bracket Bash" ($1000 guaranteed to win in Super Pro and Pro) to conclude the season will take priority, should October 13th be cancelled prior to round one of eliminations for any reason.

** No Nitrous / CO2 fill this weekend **