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Race FAQ

I want to bring my motorcycle out for one of the Test & Tune sessions. What is required?

Most M/C will pass tech inspection if they are in the OEM condition (I.E.; - not modified) except 3 wheel motorcycles (not permitted). However many large displacement M/C's are capable of achieving elapsed times and speeds that require extra items not found as standard equipment. If your M/C runs slower than 10.99 seconds (6.99 in 1/8th mile) or slower than 120 MPH in the 1/4 mile we will check for the following items:

  1. Valid (unrestricted) state issued drivers license or NHRA competition license
  2. Self returning (snap back) throttle
  3. Operating front and rear brakes
  4. Foot operated shifters only - No hand shifters permitted
  5. OEM chain guard or one constructed to meet NHRA specs
  6. One functional tail light mandatory
  7. A Snell (2005 or newer) certified full coverage helmet with original face shield (no goggles permitted)
  8. Leather jacket or abrasion resistant SFI spec racing style jacket mandatory
  9. Leather gloves with Kevlar lining or slide buttons on the palm/heel area required
  10. Leather boots which cover the ankle area mandatory

If your M/C is capable of times quicker than 10.99 (6.99 in 1/8th) you must install a lanyard and switch to cut off the ignition system should you become separated from the M/C. Lanyard may be attached to OEM ignition cutoff switch.

If your M/C is capable of exceeding 120 MPH in the 1/4 mile you must wear full leathers or two piece leathers that zip together at the waist.

If your M/C runs 9.99 (6.39 in 1/8th) or 135 MPH consult the NHRA rule book for licensing requirements.

I bring my children to the track. Where are they able to go with me?

A minor release form is available at Tech Inspection for children from ages 14-17 years. This release will allow them to be in a restricted access area. The restricted access area is defined to start at the back of the tower and extend through the track and return road to the ET Slip Booth. He or she is only permitted in this area while supporting a car making a run at that time. Upon completion of the run being supported they must depart the restricted access area. Anyone under the age of 14 or children without a Minor Release on file must remain seated INSIDE of a tow vehicle or not enter the restricted areas. Children under age 14 are not allowed on motorcycles or 4-wheelers. No one under 16 years of age is allowed to operate any vehicles (including but not limited to tow vehicles, motorcycles or 4-wheelers) anywhere or ride in/on a vehicle making a run.

Additional Tech Questions

For additional tech questions during April - October, please call our Tech Information Line at 303-697-6013 x 317, and Tom will return your message. During the off-season (October - April), please call Jeff at 303-697-6013 x 164, or email any time of the year.