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Purifoy Chevrolet Quick 16

The quickest and fastest drag racing series in the Rocky Mountain area!

   May 10, 2014   May 17, 2014   Jul 04, 2014   Aug 02, 2014   Aug 17, 2014   Sep 07, 2014   Sep 20, 2014


The quickest and fastest drag racing series in the Rocky Mountain area!

Varies by Event Date

Racer: $150
Spectator: Varies by Event Date

* Racers must become a Bandimere Speedway Registered Racer to compete in these classes.
* Electronics permitted. Cross Talk Tree class. Timed throttle stops prohibited.
* Fast 16 is open to open-wheel & center steer vehicles only. Quick 16 is open to door-cars only.
* 0.500 full tree, dial-your-own eliminations, breakout rules apply.
* Left/Right run lane and first pairs out assigned in qualifying, and first pairs out in eliminations.
* Quickest 16 qualifiers in the Fast 16 and Quick 16 are laddered 1st round. Ladders alternate by event. Sportsman, then Pro. List of ladder format by date kept in Tech.
* Fineline class is made up of all non-qualifiers combined from the Fast 16 and Quick 16, with a maximum of 32 vehicles. All class rules carry over, with payouts based on field size.
* All Fast 16 & Quick 16 Racers will automatically be registered for the Fineline. All racers will earn points in the class in which they QUALIFY at that event.
* Quicker qualified vehicle receives lane choice in all rounds.
* Alternates will be placed into the Fast, Quick, and Fineline programs. Alternates will placed on the ladder position of the vehicle they are replacing, and receive same round points.
* Broke vehicles will be left on the ladder, if there are not a full field or alternates available.
* All vehicles must be prepared to start at the direction of the designated track official.
* Maximum dial is .10-second beyond the slowest field qualifying time, no quicker than 6.00,
and no slower than 7.99 in the Fast, 8.75 in the Quick. Fineline racers follow same dial-in rules in the Fineline class, based on entered vehicle/class.
* All vehicles must meet all requirements for the ET they are running, PLUS, all must have
braided steel transmission lines w/ AN fittings, and approved lower engine containment device.
* All racers running 7.50 & quicker must have SFI 3.2a/15 fire suit. Required for all racers in
NHRA Top Dragster and Top Sportsman (run at Night of Fire & Thunder & LODRS).
* All Quick 16 entries will have a five-pound fire-extinguisher system, PLUS on cars that utilize
nitrous or supercharged must have a min 4” diameter opening adjacent to the driver window.
* Helmet extractors required for all racers 7.50 & quicker.
* All vehicles must be clean and painted to participate. Race Master is final judge.
* Trophies to winner and runner-up. Monetary payout sent via mail.
* Broke Qualifiers receive appropriate 1st round loser points. Non-Qualifiers receive 10 points.

Sponsors and Presenters:
Purifoy Chevrolet
Madcap Racing Engines
Fineline Signs, Graphics, Studio
On Track Performance
L & L Acoustical
Slatten Performance